Is your tree golden, like @CMBENZ?


Is your tree golden, like @CMBENZ?

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Codeshal: Dear Google, Please Stop Hitting Yourself


I’m really rooting for Google.

I believe in Android as a bulwark against iPhone’s greedy closed system of iTunes and its hypocritically Orwellian “freedom from porn” (and its “we’ve already solved podcasts” (and its love of Hitler (and its intolerance for satire))). (Plus Android’s Gmail,…

David Goldman's Tumblr blog: Microsoft fights back


Well, today was tons of fun for Stacy and me.

In response to our story called “Microsoft is a dying consumer brand,” not only did we get an earful from the company’s PR team on the phone, not only did I get an earful from the PR team in person, but we had a Twitter campaign launched against…

Debacle Timeline: The Pratfall of Penny Arcade - A Timeline


Help me fill this in. I’m trying to keep the language dry. If you have questions, here is a FAQ.

NOTE: To those of you just joining us, please don’t just read the first three links and then decide you’ve got the full story. The full story is complex and contains multiple points of view, not…

asada's memorandum: The Day I Saw Van Gogh's Genius in a New Light


Japanease version

The other day, I experienced the “Color Vision Experience Room” at the event of the Hokkaido Color Universal Design Organization (HCUDO), where I had invited to speak. The event’s main objective was to educate the public about the diversity of color vision which exists in…

Brett Gaylor: Web Made Movies at BAVC


Two things I learned this week:

1) Exercise caution when giving 12 high school students access to an etherpad that is projected against a wall

2) The Bay Area Coalition (BAVC)’s Factory program for youth is srs bizness

Mozilla has partnered up with the Bay Area Video Coalition and Zero…



This gif from TommyBoy says it all.

Its been five years, three different hosting services and exactly one bajillion posts since we first started. We’ve made a lot of friends and discovered a lot of great tunes together but unfortunately everything must come to an end. Thanks to everyone…

The Ebony Tower at Yale: Black History Month at Yale: Events Calendar

Mon. Feb. 1, 4 pm

Farai Chideya, Multimedia Journalist

“Be The Media You Want To See….”

Sponsored by Poynter Fellowship in Journalism

Whitney Humanities Center Room 208


Tues. Feb. 2, 7 pm

BSAY Meeting: JEOPARDY —Black…

Spotify, Rdio and the slow death of MP3 blogging


This week, in a move little noticed outside the tech world, the music service Rdio unveiled a new design. During an event at South By Southwest, its designers described the new look using plainspoken language. The new Rdio is faster, they said. Simpler. And also: “more social.” But to me there was a more substantial point, unmentioned in their handsome Keynote slides. Rdio and services like it were undermining many of the reasons I had started blogging about music in the first place.

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